You Actually Become a Better Person When You're in Love, Science Says!

♫ All you need is love, love is all you need! ♪


While movies have had us believing a LOT of things about love, it is true that being in love changes the way your brain functions (at least alter it in a lot of ways) and helps you be a well-rounded human being!

study done by Southwest university in China has corroborated the fact that being in love actually makes you a better person!

The researchers divided 100 subjects into 3 categories: in a relationship, just ended a relationship, never been in love, and took their MRI brain scans while they were looking at a picture of their partners.


The results showed that the participants of the 'in love' category had increased activity in 12 different areas of the brain, all co related with the duration of time they've been in love for.


Brain activities of people in the 'Never been in love' group, 'Just ended a relationship' group and 'In a relationship' group (from left to right)

This increased activity was recorded in the areas responsible for regulating motivation, reward, social cognition and emotions, proving that the longer you're in love, the more your brain evolves to become well rounded and in turn make you a better person!


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May 10, 2018 | by Arpita Kala