Real Women Reveal How to Work from Home Like a Pro

Here's all the secrets to being more productive.

1. Your Workspace is Off Limits

"Your workspace at home is exclusively for work. That space is meant for you, and you alone. When I'm working, no one is allowed to just 'drop-by', friends or family. And no one is allowed to enter my office during or after office hours. So, set boundaries." 

—Priyanka Tolani, Designer

2. Follow Deadlines

"If you're Working from home, you have to follow a schedule. Set timelines for yourself like you would in an office. Make a list of tasks you need to do before you start your day and prioritize. start by Finishing what's most important. And if you have just three hours to do it, finish it in three."                        


—Ambika Muttoo, Freelance Writer


3. Schedule Your Meals

"You may not have a cafeteria at your service, but you do have your own kitchen. Schedule breaks, and don't skip meals. Keep snacks handy, make your lunch in the morning, and make use of your resources. In an office, there will always be distractions, it's easier to zone out at home. So set some alarms if you have to, and keep a track of your meals."

—Pooja Makhija, Celebrity Dietician


4. Get Creative with Exercise

"While working from home, many people forget to exercise. So slot out some time for it. You can even exercise while you're working. Something as simple as switching your chair for a Swiss ball helps. It'll work on your core muscles, your posture, and force you to change positions. You could even take calls while walking, briskly. If you can't adhere to a proper workout, these little things go a long way!" 


—Vesna Jacob, Fitness Expert


5. Don't Forget Your Skin

"You may not be out in the sun, or wear make-up, but you need to moisturise and follow a proper cleansing routine. Apply a face mask while you're working, have water and fruits often, and take advantage of the fact that no one's watching you by letting your skin breathe."                                   

—Jaishree Sharad, Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist


6. Networking is the key

"When you run a start-up, you need to network. So I work out of restaurants, coffee shops—even start-up labs—so that I can reach out to and connect with as many people as possible."

—Anjali Batra, Entrepreneur

7. Hold Yourself Accountable

"I work out of a home kitchen, but consider nothing free. I pay for electricity, materials, help—so I'm accountable. When you're paying the bills, you're reminding yourself that this isn't just a hobby, or a way to pass time-it's a full time job!" 

—Tarini Bawa, Baker


8. Tune Everything Out

"I make an extra effort to shut the world out. I turn off my phone, turn off the doorbell, and don't use social media. The idea is to be as inaccessible as you would be in an office. And that really does the trick." 

—Sarvanik Kaur, Screenplay Writer

9. Know When to Stop

"Throughout the week, I attend calls, have meetings and am extremely busy with work, but my weekends are off limits. The problem with working from home is fighting the urge to work on weekends, or even working late into the night. Consciously try to switch off—no work calls or messages—or you'll burn yourself out. it's necessary to draw some lines."

—Naina Redhu, Photographer and Blogger


10. Dress For Work

"The clothes you wear affect the way you feel—that's legit research. So I always dress in professional clothes so that I feel professional. And it works; I feel in control, in charge. In fact, when I know I'm going to be on client calls, I actually throw on a blazer and formal pants. It makes me feel more confident."                       

—Natasha Mansukhani, Marketing Consult


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