9 Signs You Need to Breakup With Your BFF... Pronto!

Yes, you've had some good times, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do

Breakups are always painful, be it with your BF and even more so if it's your BFF. But some friendships aren't meant to last forever. And in every relationship there are subtle signs that tell know that it's time you went your separate ways. But we assure you that you're gonna be just fine! Here are the signs you need to watch out for... And if you tick more than just a couple of points, it's time to look for a new bestie!


It's Turned One-Sided

It's just you (or her) who's constantly trying to reach out, stay in touch or make plans. Chances are she could be avoiding you or other things in her life have taken priority over you. It's alright if you miss a couple of calls or text, but to almost never respond is Not Cool.

She Flakes Out on You For a Boy


We know how hard it is to find a decent guy these days, but if she's always flaking out on you for random boys or is willing to throw you under the bus just to look good in front of the cute boy she's been crushing on lately... It's time to walk out sister!

You Never Ever Get to Talk!


Yeah, yeah we get it...us girls are super chatty. But if your BFF is always on her own trip—discussing her own life all the frickin'—and doesn't bother to hear you out, you need to analyse whether it's just a phase or her attitude is permanent. Being besties is about being there for each other, and if she's stopped fulfilling her end of the deal, you need to stop too!


She's Suddenly Started Competing With You 


If she's constantly reminding you how awesome her life is or ridiculing your accomplishments by telling you how she can do it way better than you, it's definitely a red flag. A true friend would never treat you like a rival, instead, she'd always encourage you to do better and root for you.

She's Always Taking Jibes at You in Front of Others



That is the first rule of being BFFs, you don't take jibes at each other in front of other. Besties are privy to a lot of stuff and if one of you decides to one-up the other by spilling out the secret stuff, it's time to dump her!

She's Started Lying to You


You know how it is with best friends, they tell each other everything. If you feel distant from her in a way that you don't know what going on in her life (not what she's been eating for breakfast lately but the broad highlights) or she's hiding stuff from you, you should know the freindship isn't as thick anymore. Even if she chooses to lie about simple things like this dress doesn't hang right on you, the new hair colour isn't working for you, the new friend at work is not really your friend, etc., you know she's just not that into you anymore.

You Caught Her B*tching About You


We don't need to explain that one girlfriend, run in the opposite direction if you check this one!

Her Presence Always Brings You Down


If you've started feeling negative in her presence or her constant cribbing (for no solid reason) is draining you out, you know the friendship is not healthy anymore. Feeling mentally or physically sapped in someone's presence is a BIG sign you need to let go of that person.

She's Always Ready For Drama


If she's started fighting with you over small things or starting holding grudges, you better ask her to save her drama for her mamma! 


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May 10, 2018 | by Arpita Kala