5 Simple Ways to Fix Your Sugar Cravings

If your daily need for a sugar fix is going out of control, then these simple tricks can help you curb them easily!

While we KNOW how harmful excess sugar can be for our system, we know it's terribly hard to stay away from it, because sugar is bae <3, and we get it that it's really hard to give it up completely too. Researchers in France did a study that showed that this continuous yearning for a sugar fix is akin to an addiction to drugs like cocaine!

BUT, all is not lost, you can curb these sugar cravings with some super simple ways, like:


1) Eat breakfast that is rich in protein. You know how important breakfast is and, according to this study, having a protein rich breakfast can lower the lower your cravings for sugar later in the day by 300 percent! So substitute your regular breakfast with eggs, sprouts, beans, yogurt and fresh fruit to reduce any sweet cravings!

2) Avoid looking at food advertisements. It has been proven that we eat more with our eyes than our mouth, meaning that looking at attractive looking food in advertisements or on social media can increase the chances of you overeating or craving sugar. A study published in Psychology and Health showed that  being exposed to #FoodPorn images (delicious Instagram pictures of food, mostly), or food advertisements, could lead to the desire to overeat, especially in obese and over-weight people mostly. 

3) Have tea. Cheryl Foberg, author of A Small Guide to Losing Big, recommends having tea whenever you feel like having something sweet, instead of choosing something like a doughnut or chocolate. According to her, a cup of sweet tea can be extremely satisfying for your sugar cravings. 

4) Go to sleep. There are a LOT of reasons why you should sleep in (as if you need more reasons to do so) but aside from all the health benefits, sleeping can also curb your sugar cravings! A studyconducted by University of California Berkeley found out that sleep deprivation is directly related to junk food cravings. Lack of sleep affected the area of brain that is associated with decision making and increases activity in the area that is more responsive to rewards. So going to bed for a few extra hours can help you curb your sweet craving.

5) Be like Popeye. No, really. Popeye was clearly onto something with his love for spinach. Researchers from Sweden found out that spinach decreases sugar cravings and aids in weight loss. Spinach extracts contains thylakoids that are known to decrease appetite naturally, and increase weight loss by 43 percent. Add some spinach to your breakfast for helping you fix those sugar cravings throughout the day.


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May 10, 2018 | by Arpita Kala