11 Different Types of People Everyone has in Every WhatsApp Chat Group

Which one are you?!


1) The Planner


This one will be the one who organizes everything, right from the place, time, date EVERYTHING!

2) The Emoji Abuser

This one only replies in emojis. Whether you ask them about their day, their health, the position of Mercury. Emoji for every mood.

3) The 'Good Morning Friends' One


This one diligently sends 'Good Morning' messages, often inscribed over a sunrise, two blooming flowers or a smiling baby.

4) The Riddler


This one will only post insanely complicated puzzles, often involving (always invovling) emojis or impossible math problems.

5) The Joker


This one doesn't care what's going on in the group or who is a part of it, they have to send forwarded jokes like it's their moral duty on the planet.

6) The Invisible One


This one is a part of the group, yet never responds to any message or checks it. 

7) The Motivator

 This one is always ready with motivational messages (again inscribed over sunset/sunrise, flowers or smiling babies).

8) The Periscope


This one stays below the surface, never responds and is almost The Invisible One, but this one knows EVERYTHING that goes on in the group. It's either magic or Airplane mode. But it's definitely hella creepy.

9) The Participator


This one will respond to everything, answer every baby/flower inscribed Good Morning message, try and answer ALL the puzzles and will type 'LOL' (and probably LOLs for real too) for every joke!

10) The Conscience


This one is there to remind everyone in the group that there is still injustice in the world, with long chain messages and often forwarded viral videos.

11) The 'Name' Changer


This one's major role is to change the group's name from 'xxx College Batch 20xx' to 'H@pPy B!rThd@y '



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