10 Awesome Jobs That Didn't Exist 20 Years Ago

We bet you didn't know about #8!

1. Blogger

"This career, where you essentially handle every aspect of your website, that's purely your opinion and take on things, is a millennial phenomenon, and a fast-growing one at that."

—Aanchal Sukhija, Blogger




2. Social Media Manager

With absolutely no social media in the picture, a job creating and managing content for it was a non-entity. Now, knowing the right thing to Tweet and Insta-post makes you a major money-maker.




3. SEO Specialist

Optimising views and hits in a digital world by ensuring all the right keywords are in place for a post is a concept that was unheard of....as little as 15 years ago.




4. Instagram Artist

The fine artist meets its inevitable digital fate in this medium-based art-creation form. It isn't enough to be good if you aren't both relevant and shareable!




5. Millenial Expert

They're hired to make companies more youth- compatible. Their job? To know the likes, dislikes, habits, and lifestyles of the most consumer-driven generation to date.




6. Life Coach

Two decades ago, the term 'coach' came with simpler prefixes, like 'football' and 'swim'. Now, though, people make a comfortable living guiding the privileged and stressed of the world making just this one thing through their taxing day-to-day.




7. App Developer

The most cutting-edge phone of 1996 (the Motorola StarTAC) had calculator-size digits and an antenna. So no, there would've been no place for the creators of Candy Crush and Swiggy.




8. Full-Time Netflix Viewer

Yes, this is a real thing. The content-streaming company hires people to watch stuff and tag it–try finding a 1996 equivalent!




9. Zumba Instructor

This form of dance became popular only in the late '90s, created accidentally by Alberto 'Beto' Perez when he realised he'd forgotten his tape for an aerobics class and improvised to non-traditional salsa music. This happy mistake led to a dance cult that took over the world, and people who took it up for a living!




10. Youtube Content Creator

Because if YouTube itself was only born a decade ago, its content (that gives tonnes of web series creators' and vloggers' lives meaning) could only have followed suit after.






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May 10, 2018 | by Arpita Kala