Why Anushka Menon is One of the Most Sought After Fashion Photographer in India

She's shot for everybody from Siddhartha Tytler to Manish Arora.

Anushka entered the photography industry about a decade ago when it was still a boy's club. After studying ad design and communicationin Australia, she decided taking photographs was her true calling—and decided to move to Delhi. "I wrote to everybody from Prabhu Da (Prabuddha Dasgupta) to Tarun Kheval, but nobody took me in as an assistant, so I did what I had to—start out on my own."

"People refused to take me seriously in the beginning. I was a woman, and a 19-year-old one at that. The only other women on sets were the stylists and make-up artists. But you've just got to stick it out. I did everything myself—lugging four bags full of equipment and setting up the lights. Don't be fooled by my size!"


"I wanted to focus on building my portfolio," she continues, "so I took whatever I could get. In the beginning, it was small editorials, product shoots, and lookbooks. Siddhartha Tytler, Rabani & Rakha, and Manish Arora were some of my first." Of course, that was then. Today, Anushka is one of India's most sought-after fashion and lifestyle photographers, and her portfolio is proof—boasting editorials and covers with literally every magazine in the country, plus an armful of awards.

Part of her success is down to careful planning—and attracting what she wants. Whenever she wants to take on a certain kind of creative challenge, Anushka executes test shoots. She did that in 2009 when she wanted to start working in the realm of beauty. "Not only did I manage to bag beauty brands of my choice, but also had my work picked up by a major magazine for the first time!"


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May 10, 2018 | by Arpita Kala