Planning a Vacation? Here Are the Chillest Outfit Ideas For Your Insta...


A panama hat, a pair of sunglasses and a white off-shoulder top are all that you need to spell CHILL 



If you want to look like the interesting explorer on the streets, this is the look you NEED to go for : An easy jersey dress, with a t-shirt layered inside and denim jacket layered outside, with a pair of comfy sneakers, a backpack, layered necklaces/bracelets and a pair of hip sunglasses. 


A romantic printed maxi dress with a printed cropped shrug is your key to look posh and easy at the same time for those evenings out with friends




The day for street shopping and lunch at the cute cafe? Go for this striped long shirt, distressed jeans, an anti fit layer, a leather sling, and a pair of cool nerdy glasses.


Planning to go for hiking/ bike riding or general chilling on the streets? This Athleisure look is the prefect way to go - Gym tights with a cropped top and over-sized denim jacket with sneakers. You may even want to try Sonam's 2 plait look for a chill AF vibe. 



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May 10, 2018 | by Arpita Kala