How to Master Cycling-Chic! *It's a Thing*

All the cool celebs are doing it!


Gymming is so passé as cycling is the new trendy way to keep it healthy and also help the environment. Ditch your boring tracks and learn from these celebs on how to cycle in style!

Miley Cyrus

The biggest faux-pas while you step out to cycle, is to wear a super tight and tiny dress that makes you have to do what Miley is doing here. 


Jacqueline Fernandez

If you are the girly girl and wouldn't trade your skirts for pants, take a cue from Jacqueline Fernandez here and make sure you wear a comfortable skirt. After-all, dressing up pretty on a gorgeous bicycle with a flower basket is what sunny dreams are made of. 


Katrina Kaif

Wear gingham check shirts with denim shorts and calf high socks for a more punk-ish look. It's comfortable and trendy at the same time.


Paris Hilton

The minimal body hugging route is probably the best one to take when you're cycling; just throw on some bling on a sporty racer-back vest like Paris does!


Angelina Jolie

Take the classic sartorial route for an outdoor bike excursion on a cold day by wearing a long warm jacket with basic black leggings. Angelina Jolie keeps its warm and classy!


Priyanka Chopra

Rompers are the way to go for a fabulous cycling-to-work look, that is both trendy and easy to peddle in. The length keeps it sexy and the bifurcation makes it comfy. 


Sonakshi Sinha

Cotton jersey is the best fabric to be in for cycling on a hot & humid indian summer day. A sporty shape and some interesting layers will absorb that sweat and also look super fash!