7 Signs You are A True Shopaholic

"Shopping makes you feel better"

Most of us LOVE shopping! It's fun, sometimes therapeutic and who doesn't love a fresh new outfit?! However, sometimes something as innocent as shopping can become an actual addiction.  If you want to confirm your suspicions that you might be a shopaholic, read on to see the tale-tell signs.

1) You are BFFs with your mailman. Because you literally get a package daily. You are on a first name basis with your delivery guy! 


2) Your closet is filled with new, tagged clothes. You always seem to find unworn clothes, with tags still in place! 


3) You memorized your credit card number. You shop online so much you know your credit card number by heart! 

4) Shopping makes you feel better. Anytime you are having a bad day, you shop! If you are in a bad mood, you shop! If you got into an argument with your man, you shop... 

5) You have closet(s) full of clothes, but nothing to wear. Even with an overwhelming amount of options, you are always feeling like you have nothing to wear!


6) You are on a first name basis with the sale people at your favorite store. You are every sales person's dream customer! 

7) You usually have buyer's remorse. Deep inside you know you shouldn't stop as much as you do, but you continue to do it anyway!