These Bollywood Stars Lead By Example When It Comes to Eating Healthy!

We also have a man in list, so you can tell your BF what to eat and what to avoid.


Bollywood is a tough industry and looking good is just a part of the job now. With summer in full swing, we asked these B-Town stunner about their eating routine.



Lauren Gottlieb: Since Lauren is a dancer and choreographer, being fit is an absolute must for her. Says she, "If you don't treat your body right, it's not going to support you." She is extremely careful about what she eats and snacks on healthy things like fruits, grilled veggies, and almonds, which she says gives her "an energy boost whenever I need it!"


Monica Dogra: Monica is a health freak, she makes sure she eats and drinks healthy to maintain her weight. She never misses to drink her smoothie in the morning, she likes mixed berries, watermelon, musk melon and many other fruits. She finds all the fruit smoothies yummy.



Lisa Hayden: Lisa likes to eat large meals so that she doesn't feel tempted to snack in-between meals. "I work really hard to stay fit. So if I feel like eating a chocolate, I eat one and then, I make sure I burn the same amount of calories too. I just don't believe in starving myself," says she.



Ali Fazal: Since it has become a Bollywood pre-requisite for male actors to have a six-pack, Ali Fazal believes in a lean, toned body. "Since I gain weight pretty quickly, I avoid breads in general. I love smoothies and experiment with different seasonal fruits," he says adding, "I'd always pick a smoothie over a protein shake!"