17 Things That Prove You're Obsessed With F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

 For instance, You know the words to Smelly Cat past just "what are they feeding you?"

#1 You know exactly what Chandler's mom does for a living.

#2 And how many sisters Joey has. And which one Chandler kissed.

#3 You still cringe when someone mentions English Trifle because of that time Rachel made it a half Shephard's Pie.


#4 You remember the shirt Monica was wearing the day everyone kept asking her if she was pregnant.

#5 You have a very staunch stance on whether or not "they were on a break".

#6 You can quickly name which two famous actors played Rachel's sisters—and which one thought Ross was a Falafel guy.


#7 If you know ANYONE with even a mild degree of OCD in your life, "they're such a Monica!"

#8 You know episodes word for word, cue for cue, and they STILL make you laugh.

#9 You definitely tried to/managed to perfect the delicious-yet-grating nasal twang of Janice's laugh


#10 You know what country Chandler pretended to move to when he was trying to shake off said Janice.

#11 When people talk about how that show was "so overrated" you're like "UM excuse me can you name ANYTHING else as good? No you can't. Shhhh. Noone likes you."

#12 You can name ALL the subplots that happened in an episode, and not the one it's famous for (The One With The Embryos is to you also The One Where Monica and Rachel battle Chandler and Joey for the big apartment in a trivia game that Ross Judges—and the girls lose)


#13 You can tell the prom episode from that ugly shirt Ross was wearing. You'll always remember #ThatShirt.

#14 You genuinely think the slow-pan of the apartment in the series finale was the most heartbreaking thing a camera has ever seen.

#15 You know the words to Smelly Cat past just "what are they feeding you?"

#16 You also have a pair of Thanksgiving pants.


#17 All you wanted growing up was a Ross to your Rachel. You knew that that relationship IRL is TOTALLY messed up—there was cheating and sister-dating and a love child and what not—but you want all of that copy-paste anyway because AWWW!



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May 10, 2018 | by Arpita Kala