How to Ace Deepika Padukone's Signature Make-Up Look

We spill the beans on how to recreate the gorgeous actor's trademark look.


'The One' beauty rule that we've been taught since time unknown is that you can either do statement eyes or bold lips, but not both together! But trust Deepika Padukone to defy these rules and carve her own niche in the beauty department. After being in the industry for several years, the actor has finally found her signature look: heavily lined eyes with bold lips.

We have a thing for people who're an exception to the rule! And that's why we decided to decode her signature look so that you can master the same, and look as stunning as the star herself!



How To

Step 1: Start by prepping your face with a primer so that you can apply the base flawlessly.

Step 2: Use a concealer to take care of all the spots, as a bold look demands a clear complexion.

Step 3: Apply foundation with the help of a stippling brush for an even coverage. Then set your base with the help of a face powder so that it stays longer.

Step 4: Apply an eye primer to even out the area around the eyes and then glide on a nude colour eyeshadow. Next, draw a thick wing with the help of a pen liner for precise lines. Finish off the look with two coats of mascara to make your peepers pop.

Step 5: Since you're going for a bold look, avoid applying lipstick straight out of the tube. Line your lips with a lip pencil in the same colour, and then use a lip brush to apply lipstick. And tadah!

Step 6: Use a concealer pen around the lips for crisp lines.

Step 7: Remember, balance is key here, so keep the rest of the look simple. Bronzer, blush or highlighter should be kept minimal.



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May 10, 2018 | by Arpita Kala